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Individual booking:

*$50 for first 2 hour time slot   

*$10 for every additional hour


Group booking:

When you bring a buddy you are able to take
advantage of the park 1/2 price!

*$25/person for first 2 hour time slot   

*$5/person for every additional hour

Our hourly time limits are a guideline for booking. Without some kind of standard it would be virtually impossible to create a schedule or guarantee private bookings. Upon expiration of a booked time, clients are asked to wrap up what they are working on and begin their cool down routine & prep for the trip home.

We don’t require you to include your cool down routine in the time you’ve paid to rent the facility. We will just ask you step aside with your horse for the next appointment. For example, when you arrive there could be someone using the washing area or prepping their horse for the trailer, but they won’t be in your way in the park during the time you’ve paid for.

Contact for additional pricing, availability & more information.

Subject to change, contact for exact pricing.

 *** Please note: We do not provide horses for rental. ***

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