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⁃  Frequent daily monitoring

⁃  Herd health program (participation required)

⁃  Grain, supplements & prescribed medication fed up to 2x per day

⁃  Free choice, quality small square bales, fed inside and outside

⁃  Salt block provided (up to 1 per month)

⁃  Feed/water buckets cleaned daily

⁃  Water is clean & monitored both inside & outside (heated in winter)

⁃  Seasonal fly spray application

⁃  Blanketing & booting

⁃  Reasonable blanket changes

⁃  Extensive daily turnout in assigned pasture (2-3 horses) on large,
    seasonally rotated grass fields

⁃  Adjustable turnout hours per season

⁃  Customized & effective turn-out introduction 

⁃  2 general health checks per day

⁃  Horses hand walked in/out by experienced & consistent handler(s)

⁃  Night check inc. hay & water

⁃  Basic equine first-aid

⁃  Holding for scheduled Vet & Farrier work

⁃  No fee for administering scheduled dewormer

⁃  No additional fees charged for lessons from outside coaches/trainers

   (proof of insurance required)

⁃  Indoor and outdoor rings are manicured & groomed regularly

⁃  No additional fee for temporary individual turnout (in the event of mishap

    or temporary lameness)

⁃  Grain re-stocking & storage 

⁃  Video monitoring (stalling areas & pastures)

⁃  Horse trailer parking (availability based on size) 

⁃  Truck & horse trailer tire pressure check station



-By Appointment Only Please-

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